Dave Rac


My mission

 My mission is to promote human freedom for others, and to practice personal responsibility regarding my own freedom. Freedom is an idea based on fundamental principles of life, both temporal and eternal. This website exists to promote these fundamental principles and is an extension of my life work:  

  • My work is to research, write, and speak about fundamental principles of freedom, and to teach them to others. It includes sociological, cultural, theoretical, and theological study applied to life.   
  • My work extends to political discourse because; 1) our form of government requires citizen engagement; 2) as conceived by our Founding Fathers, our government serves us to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and all these are threatened.   
  • I express ideas about life and freedom in the context of a Christian worldview. Others see life through different world-views, and I welcome the discussion this creates. To be an educator I need to be educated, and to be educated I need to be challenged – but without the fear of challenging others.   
  • My work is informed by an ongoing study of the historical and contemporary precepts of American governance and free-market economics.   
  • May our discourse be about how to promote, preserve, and protect freedom and human life everywhere.