Since 2004, Dave has expended thousands of hours researching, writing, and speaking about the U.S. health care system across the country. He's spoken to medical professionals, employers, brokers, consultants, and groups of every day citizens, adapting his message to the needs of the audience. He clearly explains the complexities of U.S. health care and offers solutions to its ailments. Entertaining as well as informative, Dave's audiences appreciate how he makes health care an engaging subject.


Dave has authored, co-authored or edited 20 books on the U.S. health care system, plus scores of documents, summaries, commentaries, and other written communications.


Dave has provided continuing education courses for agents, brokers, consultants, and physicians in 25 different states, plus a two-day certification course for consumer-directed health care. Dave wrote and delivered two major transitional programs for insurance agents regarding the Healthy Minnesota Contribution Program, and the transition from the MN Comprehensive Health Association.


Dave is a member of the MN Association of Health Underwriters and previously served as the ad hoc Executive Director of the MN Agents Coalition for Health Care Reform. Working with doctors, he is a board member of the MN Physician-Patient Alliance and he is a health care advisor to The Heartland Institute.