Summer Senate - Creating Leaders - Today's Issues

taking testimony

you choose the issues and you write the bills during Monday-thursday sessions

friday - state senate building

final hearings on bills, debate, voting - persuade your fellow senators

committees - the first stop

learn from and teach others to persuade them to support your positions 



A student-led, legislative experience unlike any other. Decide on urgent issues to pursue, work with committees, prepare, present, and pass your own bills. 


July 8-12, 2019. Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM, with a huge end-of-session bill signing (and vetoing) ceremony. Intense, fast-paced, exciting, fun.



Summer Senate will be limited to the first 28 Members.

Summer Senate is for you if you fall into one of these categories:

  • Student Senate alumni - Any Age (given first preference)
  • Mr. Racer's YEAH Students who could not enroll in Student Senate (given second preference)
  • Friends and family members of any of the above, at least Grade 11
  • College-aged individuals who'd love the experience



The Monday-Thursday sessions are held in the Great Room at The Oaks, home of YEAH Academy. The building is located near Rice Street and Maryland Avenues in St. Paul at 170 West Rose Avenue.

The Friday session will be held in the Minnesota State Senate Office Building - the same location as the State Senators meet during the legislative year - the same rooms in which they consider the bills that become laws under which you must live.

details - cost, enrolling, requirements, and letting us know

We are seeking sponsors at this time, and hope to have some full and partial scholarships available. 

  • Tuition for YEAH Members will be $300 for the week.
  • Tuition for Student Senate Alumni will be $300 for the week.
  • Tuition for non-YEAH Members will be $310 for the week.
  • There will be a $25 materials fee.
  • We will make available a limited number of full- and half-scholarships, if you feel the tuition is a barrier to your attendance. Let us know when you respond below.
  • If you are a Student Senate Alumni or one of Mr. Racer's former students there will be no further qualification requirements except that you must be at least a high school senior during the 2019-2020 school year.
  • If you are new to YEAH and to Student Senate, you must be at least a high school junior or senior during the 2020 school year, and complete the application form (which will be sent to you upon inquiry).


Contact Us

for inquiries, to reserve a place, to start the process - complete this simple form. we will get back to you aSAP.

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you can contact "gov" racer directly by email or phone (see below)

By Phone to 651.771.2311