Dave loves teaching at YEAH Academy


American government - for real!

Each fall, Dave works with 15-30 high school students about our great U.S.A. The course starts with how our country is supposed to work - Christian World View, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution. Then how it really works - politics, parties, media, taxes. Hundreds of students have learned truth about the greatest nation on God's green earth.


student senate

This student-led learning experience is unlike any other. Students choose which subjects to study, invite expert witnesses, write bills, debate and adopt their positions. It is a wonderful leadership training experience - more than 400 Senators have completed the process. (See more photos below)


contemporary issues

This generation is faced with a set of perplexing issues and this class works to help define them. Health care. Race. Gender. Science vs. environmentalism. Fake news. Energy. Abortion. Feminism. And more. Whatever is hot, we'll study.