Dave loves teaching high schoolers


American government-For real!!

Since 1999, and each fall since, Dave works with 15-30 high school students about our great U.S.A. The course weaves great moments and movements in our history with why and how our government and private institutions function, or fail to do so. Taught from a Christian World View with an eye on original contextualization, Dave emphasizes organic documents and ideas that shaped our Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and our public and private institutions - especially the roll of the nuclear family. Alongside theory, we study how it really works - politics, parties, media, taxes. Hundreds of students have learned truth about the greatest nation on God's green earth.


student senate

This student-led learning experience is unlike any other. Students choose which subjects to study, invite expert witnesses, write bills, debate and adopt their positions. It is a wonderful leadership training experience - more than 400 Senators have completed the process. (See more photos below)